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When You Don't Know How to Find Customers Online Consistently , the Pressure Can Become Unbearable

It's hard when payroll, rent, and other bills are coming due and you don't have enough work on the books to cover them.  No one plans to go out of business.  But it happens to good people every day.  Even if you do great work, without a predictable way to find customers online, making sales will always be something to worry about.

Enjoy the Feeling of Certainty When Searching for New Customers

Our Client Finder Marketing Program is an assisted do-it-yourself service that includes the tools and routine techniques that get potential customers to call, click or visit.

Websites That Sell

All websites are not created equal. Some just sit online and take up space. I build sites with a single purpose. To get your future cutomers to contact you.

The Power of Trust

Customers want to buy from the people they trust. Our program walks you through performing the routine tasks that build familiarity and trust in your future customers.

No Sale Left Behind

Everyone who comes to your website isn't ready to make a purchase. Our program includes the techniques to set you apart as the one to call when they're ready.

Never Alone

Our assisted do-it-yourself service tailors itself to your budget and individual time constraints. We provide assistance from full DIY to completely hands off.

Knowing Where To Find Customers Online makes Everything Else Much Easier

Everyone Says You should Be Online But Nobody Ever Tells You How

I know how frustrating it is when you build a great-looking website and get exactly zero sales from it.  I opened the doors at C2Local in 2012 and I've been building websites in Las Vegas since then. 

However, I stopped selling websites because I realized that none of my clients actually wanted a website.  They wanted to find customers online. 

They came to me because somewhere along the way, someone told them a website would make it easy to find customers.  It won't.  At least not by itself.  So instead of selling websites, I include them as part of the client-finding service I offer.  Whether you need to conserve your budget by performing routine tasks yourself or prefer to let our team do the heavy lifting, we'll create the package that makes your phone ring.

A Few Words from Current Clients

Three Steps to Finding Customers Online

Schedule a Call

Begin with a quick call to discuss your company and your goals.

Create You Package

Choose the base plan and the add-ons that match your current needs and capabilities.

Start Finding Customers

Partner with us to put your program into action and get the phones to start ringing.

A Program to Fit Any Small Company

The first lesson I learned when I opened my doors is that no two companies are alike.  Even with professionals in the same industry and selling the same services, there are huge differences.  You and your direct competitors are much the same.  You have different reasons for being in business, different goals and face different sets of obstacles.

I’ve helped quite a few small companies learn how to find customers online. The one thing I know is that you didn’t get into this game to be average. You’re here to be independent, to challenge yourself, and to use your skills to make a huge difference in your customer’s lives.

There are people in your community who are sorely in need of your services. But every day they’re forced to settle for less because you can’t reach them, and they don’t know you exist. 

The Internet is supposed to be able to fix that, but when you try to do find customers online, most resources that are out there are simply too complicated and confusing.  On top of that, if you've ever tried to hire an agency to help, their prices make it pretty clear that they prefer to work with larger companies who have much bigger marketing budgets.

It’s enough to make you want to scream out loud.

The Internet is supposed to level the playing field.  It’s not right that when you most need to find customers online you either have to struggle on your own or you're forced to pay more than you can afford for a service you don't understand.

I understand how difficult it is to keep your business running. You wear a lot of hats and you’ve got plenty of balls to try to keep in the air.

Figuring out how to find customers online somehow always ends up being the thing that gets bumped from your list of ten most important things to accomplish each day.  That’s why I built this client finding program that's geared towards independent professionals and small businesses.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Schedule a Zoom call or regular phone call so we can talk and you can tell me about your company, what your goals are and what you’re up against in your particular market.

Step 2: Purchase the Client Finder Base Plan which includes the fundamental tools you'll need to be successful.  The base plan is priced at $35 per month so it will easily fit into any size budget. Next we'll identify the one-time or recurring tasks that you don't want to perform yourself and the add-ons that will take care of them.

Step 3: Start finding customers. We'll quickly set up your client finding program and begin targeting the exact customers you need to keep the phones ringing and your company healthy.

If you're ready to stop stressing over cash flow each month and start enjoying the lifestyle you had in mind when first opened your doors, click the button below and schedule your free call.

Client Finder Program Features

Our Client Finder Marketing Program lets you take advantage of the Internet without killing off your entire marketing budget.  If you're a hands-on person, the Base Plan is all you need.  It includes tools, tutorials and guided assistance on how to properly execute the Client Finder program.  For clients who are a little less technically savvy, our Service Add-Ons are available to take care of additional technical tasks.

Basic Plan
Purchased at Program Startup

Service Add-Ons
Purchased Individually If needed