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Local Salon Marketing

Need more CLients?
Let me show you a simple lead funnel that helps salon pros find new customers month after month.

Salon Marketing for Las Vegas Independent Contractors

Let me show you how to replace your monthly scramble with a proven salon marketing system that's perfect for independent salon pros and small salons. 


Salon Marketing & Contractor Stories

I have worked with Chris over the last 2 years. He has built my website from scratch and worked with me the whole process. He is very patient and explains salon marketing in layman's terms I can understand. If you are looking for someone to walk you thru the process whether you need a whole site built or just a few things tweaked he is the guy.

Kelli M.

KM Hair Studio

If I had to use one word to describe Chris it would be "Brilliant". He was able to provide me with the best website anyone's ever made for me! I've had a few of them. Better yet, he helped me brand a new business venture! Seriously his salon marketing ideas worked and continue to. He's worth more than what he's charging.

Craig W.

Pain Release Therapy

When I first met Chris I was spending money on Yellow Page ads and getting no results to speak of. Chris started from scratch and really put me on the map. He built me a website, a YouTube channel and got my social media accounts up. Now I’m getting phone leads and website leads everyday.

Eli M.

A1 Fence LV

The Phrase That Gets It Started

"I Need a Few More Clients"

local salon marketing

My clients are good at what they do. They're usually in a good location. Their clients love them and their turnover rate is low to average.


But they almost always say the same thing when we meet:  I just need a few more clients.

They have different salon marketing goals.  Some want to open their own salon.  Others want just a little more breathing room at the end of the month.

If they continue doing their current salon marketing activities, they may find those extra clients, but it's going to be a struggle every single month.

That's why I created the Funnel Blueprint.  To show independent salon pros a much easier way to find the leads they need to build a clientele.

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Salon Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my salon clientele?

The better your salon clientele, the stronger your business.  Building up a salon clientele is pretty much the same as building any other client base.  You need a system to follow that you can be consistent with.  Your system needs to do three things.

  1. Attract new clients that are looking for people who do what you do.
  2. Convert those people you come across from just looking at you to taking actions that lead to them becoming customers and clients.
  3. Once they've become clients, build a relationship that lasts for months and years to come.

That system can be based on people finding you through searching through Google or social media.  The salon marketing system I recommend to my clients is easy to follow and allows you to get in front of potential clients through search, social and your review profile.

How do you create a marketing plan for a salon?

Just like preparing for any journey, there are steps to creating a workable salon marketing plan.

  1. Assess where you happen to be right now.  What do you do well? What parts of your business need a little help?  Once you have a solid understanding of where you are, then you can get ready for the next step.
  2. Decide on your short term and long term goals.  Unless you're happen to be incredibly fortunate, you'll have a hard time hitting a target you don't aim at.  Start by writing down your big goal.  The one that seems unattainable.  For you, that could be a full book and working three days a week.  Or you may want to own a handful of salons with your name above the door.  Once you've decided what that goal is, pick the short term goals that are just out of reach but that get you closer to your big goal.
  3. Get specific about how you're going to get there.   What are you going to specialize in? Where are you going to position yourself in the market? What channels and techniques will you use to let the world know you exist?
  4. Decide on how much of your budget you're going to assign.  Marketing your salon is a key business activity so you'll need to decide how much of your budget, both in terms of time and income, you'll invest into your marketing.  This ties back to step one and your assessment of where are and what assets you can devote to growth.
  5. Turn on the scoreboard.  What doesn't get measured doesn't get better.  You need to put in place ways of monitoring if the actions you're taking are producing the results you need.  Without some way to assess your results, you won't know when to go hard when something is working or let go if something isn't.
  6. Start.  Once you've figured out where you're at, where you're going, how you're going to get there and how to measure progress, the only thing that's left is to stop planning and start putting one foot in front of the other.  Do not fall prey to paralysis by analysis.  An okay plan with okay execution is better than an outstanding plan with no execution.  Get moving!