50% of contractors & home service pros go out of business in the first five years because they can't answer a very simple question.

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How do contractors generate leads?

The most important thing you can do for effective contractor lead generation is to get visible.  This involves setting up a lead generation website and a presence on the different online platforms your preferred audience is likely to visit when searching for services. These can include search engines, review sites, online directories, social media sites and paid ad placements.

The goal is to drive people who are in the market for services to your lead generation website.  This site is optimized to get prospects to either contact you directly or provide you with their contact information so you can develop the sale.

What is a lead funnel?

A lead funnel (aka a sales funnel) is a semi-automatic process consisting of online properties and systems that are designed to transition online shoppers from unknown prospects through interested leads and finally to current and returning customers. The internet is full of people who want to purchase services you provide. Unfortunately, most of them have no idea that you exist.

The funnel process begins with an online presence that gets your brand in front of as large a group of prospects as possible. This presence is optimized with features to further entice the most interested prospects to take actions that will identify them as potential sales leads. Finally that group of potential leads is then nurtured and further culled to the final customers at the end of the funnel.

What is a lead generation website?

lead generation site is specifically optimized to get website visitors to take an action that leads to a sale. These sites normally have several features prominently located to attract visitor attention and generate a response. A general marketing website by contract is focused solely on providing information. Usually that's about your company and its products and services.   

How do you create a lead generation website?
For a website to technically be a lead generation website, you simply need to add a lead capture form.  To create an effective contractor lead generation website, you must incorporate a Call to Action and a Lead Magnet.

The CTA is what you want your website visitors to do.  The lead magnet is the reason you're giving for then to do it.  The best lead magnets present website visitors with a “Mafia Offer” that is almost impossible for them to refuse.  The juicier the offer, the more effective your CTA will be. 

If your services have smaller price points, the lead magnet can be something as simple as a discount coupon.  For larger more technical services, providing a white paper or free online webinar may be more appropriate.  

Regardless of which lead magnet you use, the goal is to collect an email address address or phone number. This valuable bit of information gives you permission to contact the prospect in the future. Now you can send offers, promotions and helpful information to build a bond with prospects as they get closer to making a purchase.