There's a Special Kind of Pressure When You Run A Business And Don't Know How to Find Customers Online

It's hard when payroll, rent, and other bills are coming due and you don't have enough work on the books to cover them.  No one plans to go out of business.  But without a predictable way to find customers online, making sales will always be something to worry about.

What If You Knew the Exact Steps to Do to Consistently Reach The Customers Your Business Needs?

Knowing how to find customers online is no longer a secret reserved for large Fortune 500 companies. Our Client Finder Program lays out the time tested routines in an easy to understand manner. Discover the right way to connect search, social and online reviews.

Now you can be in control of your most important business function. Perform the tasks yourself or hire us so your your time remains free for other business functions. 

What You Get With The Client Finder Program

A Website That Sells

We build a professional website tailored to your business. Our websites have a single purpose. To get customers to contact you.

The Power of Trust

Customers want to buy from the people they trust. We show you exactly how to build that trust even with prospects you haven't met.

No Sale Left Behind

Why give up on a sale just because they're not ready? Discover the routines that turn browsers today into customers tomorrow.

Tailored for You

Effective online marketing isn't a cookie cutter affair. Our program tailors itself to your specific business, market and your budget.

Knowing Where To Find Customers Online makes Everything Else Much Easier

Everyone Tells You to Find Customers Online But No One Ever Tells You How

I opened the doors at C2Local in 2012 and I've been building websites in Las Vegas since then. I stopped selling websites when I realized that my clients don't need websites.  They need to know how to find customers online. 

So instead of just selling websites, I roll them into the Client Finder Program.  Whether you need to conserve your budget by performing routine tasks yourself or prefer to let my team do the heavy lifting, we'll create the package that makes your phone ring.

A Few Words from Current Clients

Three Steps to Find Customers Online

Schedule a Call

Begin with a quick call to discuss your company and your goals.

Create You Package

Choose the Base Plan and add-ons or the Base Plan Plus for a hands-off experience.

Find Customers Online

Partner with us to put your program into action and get the phones to start ringing.

A Program Built for Small Companies

There are people in your community who are sorely in need of your services. But every day they’re forced to settle for less because you can’t reach them, and they don’t know you exist. 

The Internet is supposed to be able to fix that, so it's pretty frustrating when you need to find customers online and find yourself caught between struggling on your own or paying more than you can afford. 

With the Client Finder Program you no longer need to make that trade-off.

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Schedule a call to discuss your company, your competition and what you currently have in place to market your company.

Step 2: We'll identify the tasks you need and choose the Client Finder Plan and Add-On combination that fits.

Step 3: Start finding customers online. We'll quickly set up your client finding program and begin targeting the exact customers you need to keep the phones ringing and your company healthy.

If you're ready to stop stressing over cash flow each month and start enjoying the lifestyle you had in mind when first opened your doors, click the button below and schedule your free call.

Client Finder Program Features

Stop overpaying for services you don't understand and may not need. Tailor a plan that not only helps you find customers online but actually makes sense for your budget and your market.  Begin with the Client Finder Basic Plan and layer on only the additional services you need.

Get The Blueprint

"The journey isn't a mystery when you have a roadmap and a compass."

Wondering if the Client Finder Program will work to help find customers online for your specific business?  Stop wondering and get the Blueprint.  See the three steps we use and how you can use them to get the right customers to call, click and visit.