More bids lead to more contracts. Bring together solid strategies plus great execution to multiply your bid opportunities. Imagine dominating your local market with proven strategies that target and convert new customers.

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The Contractor's Challenge

Promoting your company should be a transparent process.  It shouldn't be a situation where you're in the dark about what your marketing company is doing.

Internet marketing isn't rocket science.  Done properly, it's a matter of putting a process in place, evaluating results, optimizing, retesting and of course reporting until we deliver the highest outcome possible for your business.

I invite you to have a conversation about how my team and I can take the worry out of your online marketing so you can get back to what's really important: Providing world class service for YOUR customers.


The Right Tools to Drive Leads to Your Company

Generate More Bid Opportunities With A Stunning Website

When you're fighting for bids, you need more than good looks. You need a website that's designed to generate hot leads for your sales team. Our lead generation sites look good, load fast and rank high for maximum visibility.
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Search Engine Optimization: Get Seen by the Right Prospects at The Right Time

Explode Your Results By Capturing All of Your Website Traffic

What if you could tag everyone who visits your website and market your services to them  LONG AFTER they have left your page.

Now you can!  Double and triple your bid opportunities by presenting prospects with your best offer repeatedly across the internet. Be the one they call when they're ready to buy, whether that's today or a month from now.


Lead generation isn't guesswork. We use systems automation as the basis for a strategies that routinely generate Commercial and Residential leads to fuel your company's growth.

The right tools for your industry and marketing environment.  Whether you're maintaining your market dominance or moving into new markets, position your firm to collect leads from your ideal prospects.

Strategically get in front of homeowners and project managers when they're accepting bids or just entering the discovery stage.

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Discover the power of video marketing with our free beta program*.
79% of Consumers Would Rather Watch a Video to Learn About Your Service Than Read Text on a Page
Contractors who use video, grow their business 49% faster year over year than those without. Discover how video marketing can multiply YOUR bid opportunities. Partner with our professional video production team to create a free high converting video using our proven formula.


Quickly Build a 5 STAR Reputation And Steal New Customers from Your Competition

Online reviews influence the buying decisions of over 90% of project managers and homeowners.  Use the social and reputation impact of reviews to generate an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Let us use the power of automation to stock pile 4 and 5 star reviews, devalue bad reviews and use your 5-star reputation to generate leads from eager prospects wanting to work with you.

Targeted Paid Traffic Strategies: More Than Just Google & Facebook

Precision Targeting for Maximum ROI

Strategic placement across the internet. We place your marketing message online, on gaming devices and streaming televisions to reach your audience on time and on target for maximum conversion.

More than simple pay-per-click tactics, we optimize advertising campaigns to stay in front of your ideal prospect when they're most likely to respond.

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It may not sound very glamorous but email marketing consistently returns the HIGHEST ROI of any marketing channel.  Target your list with valuable information and compelling offers.  You may be surprised at the result.  The industry standard ROI on email marketing is 40:1, meaning that every dollar you put in to email marketing generates $40 in return.

It may sound simple, but provide great service and then consistently ask for them. When you don't ask for them, the only reviews you'll get are from extremely happy or extremely dissatisfied customers.

What you need is a system that automates asking for reviews and makes it easy for your customers to leave them.  Our Reputation Marketing Service does that and more. Let us prove it to you. Let us show you how to get FIVE 5-star reviews in under 5 days!

To dominate your market, you need a mix of both. Paid Traffic is best for driving traffic to your site quickly so you can chock up quick sales and test your marketing channels. SEO is more of a long term strategy.  It builds in power and effectiveness over time and will eventually eliminate the need to rely heavily on paid traffic.

Technology.  In this case we're talking retargeting. Retarget everyone who comes to your site. No matter how long they were on your site, you now have the ability to present your best offer to them as they surf the internet and drive them back to your website. More cost effective than pay per click ads, retargeting keeps your company's message in front of prospects you KNOW are interested.

Video is amazing.  Whether you use it in on your website, in social media or in display ads, the conversion rate is as much as 80% higher. Video holds visitors on the page longer.  Also viewers remember the marketing message from your video up to 30 days later. Video is the number one tool you have for presenting your offer and having your audience remember and act on it.


contractor lead generation

Having an online presence is the right start but it isn't enough to generate the phone calls your company needs to survive. Let us help you identify the gaps in your lead generation program and put a workable strategy in place for growth. A small adjustment may be all you need to see a huge jump in sales.

Select a date from the calendar to schedule a short online meeting or fill in the form to send us a question.

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