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Welcome to Conversion Matters. I'm Chris Carter, an internet marketing specialist based in Las Vegas.

I've been in the game since the middle of 2012. The internet game has evolved quite a bit since then. In the past few years I've seen small businesses try almost every trick possible to promote themselves online. No matter what technique they try, I've noticed one trend that's pretty common.

Businesses, that are new to internet marketing, focus almost exclusively on visibility. The idea being that the more they're seen, the more business they'll generate. That seems to make sense, but it isn't necessarily true. You want people to see you of course. But it's more important to pay attention to what happens once they do.

Visibility is good... Visibility plus conversion is better.

Visibility is about creating an online presence. Conversion is about moving online prospects down the road to becoming customers.

Since knowledge is power, the focus of this site will be on providing information. I'll pull in articles from conversion experts across the net. I'll review cool tools and techniques to help with your conversion efforts. I'll even review a few you may want to avoid.

In the world of internet marketing, nothing happens until somebody clicks something. This site is about helping you understand how to make that click happen.


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