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Traffic isn't the problem.

Welcome to Conversion Rules. I'm Chris Carter, an internet marketing specialist based in Las Vegas.

My favorite way to play online is helping independent contractors get started with affordable websites and video.

I've been in the game since 2012. In that time, I've seen a lot of independent contractors get started and I've seen quite a few close up shop as well.

I've noticed an interesting trend. As soon as I finish a new website, clients become laser focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

They want as many people as possible to see their new site. The idea being that the more visitors they get, the more new business they'll generate. Which, of course, isn't necessarily true.

Getting traffic to your website is easy.

Google and Facebook will gladly send all the people you want to your website using their pay-per-click platforms.

What surprises most new website owners is that it's not about traffic. Getting people to see your website is important. But so is what happens once they've seen it.

Traffic is good... Traffic plus conversion is better.

Between traffic and conversion, conversion rules. Hence the name of the blog.

Conversion is about getting your website visitors to take an action that moves them closer to buying your products or services.

Traffic without conversion is useless.

It's like owning a store on a very busy street that gets lots of foot traffic but makes no sales.

There are a handful of fundamentals (rules) that determine whether you'll have any success using this thing called the internet. We're going to take some time and explore those conversion rules.

I'll introduce you to cool tools to help with your conversion efforts and even point out a few you may want to avoid. I'll also pull in articles from conversion experts across the net.

The Internet seems big and internet marketing seems complicated. Well the Internet is big, but internet marketing isn't complicated.

In the world of internet marketing, nothing happens until somebody clicks something. This site is about helping you understand what you need to understand so you can make that click happen.