A Few Words About How to Build a Clientele Online

The Internet is best tool ever invented for reaching new customers and holding onto the ones you've got.  It's also pretty good at leveling the playing field so the smallest players can sling elbows with the big boys (and girls!) in any market.

Of course, it helps if you know how to use it.

Your Humble Guide on How to Build a Clientele

how to build a clientele online

Hello and welcome.  My name is Chris Carter (I'm the C2 in C2Local). 

This blurry photo is a shot of me sitting in front of what we used to refer to as a computer back in the 80s. 

That thing I'm typing on is a Radio Shack TRS-80 or Trash 80 as we used to call them.

The reason there's a television on the desk is because back in the stone age, computers didn't come with monitors.

I know this makes me seem ancient (yep, I'm a Boomer, get over it!) but there's a reason.  I wanted to emphasize that computers and the Internet aren't exactly new to me.

A lot has changed since I built my first website, but I've changed as well.  Specifically in how I work with clients.

How to Build a Clientele Shouldn't Be A Mystery

how to build a clientele onlineI've got an interesting assortment of clients.  I work with contractors, non-profits, lawyers and the occasional celebrity impersonator (This is Vegas after all). 

However, I've got a soft spot for the folks standing behind the chair. 

When I came to Vegas, I didn't know that “independent salon professional” was a thing.  Then I got to know a few.

Massage therapists, hair stylists, permanent make-up artists, estheticians and quite a few more.

I met them at one of the mega-salons out here and noticed that they all seemed to be laser focused on how to build a clientele. 

Makes sense.  For a lot of the folks knowing how to build a clientele is a life or death proposition.  In many salons, you simply can't survive off the walk-in list.

I've watched quite a few professionals waste a boat load of money marketing tricks and techniques that some guru claimed was the secret to a strong clientele and a full book.

There Are No "Secret Techniques" to Building a Clientele Online

What works for contractors, lawyers and every other small business works just as well for salon professionals.  Simple fundamentals and a routine process:

  • Get in front of a lot of people who need what you do
  • Get them to nod in your direction
  • Provide “knock your socks off” service

 Everything you need to know about those first two fundamentals is in the members area and it's absolutely free. (You do need to sign up for an account, so there's that.)

The Secret to Building a Clientele is in the Doing

Knowing how to build a clientele online won't get it built.  You've got to put in the work.

I've found that some business owners are perfectly fine doing the heavy lifting.  Others need a little help.  I want to give you the knowledge and provide assistance you need it.

If you've got some geek skills and you're a roll up your sleeves type of person, then what's in the free members area is probably all you need. 

If you're not into learning the technology or time is your enemy, I have service options ranging from a little help to completely hands free.  There's something here for everyone. 

That's how I provide “knock your socks off” service.

The best way to start is with a phone call, but if you just want a quick peak at the goods, download the Blueprint for the no-fluff version of everything you'll find on the site. 

If you need assistance, just schedule a call.  I look forward to helping you get where you're trying to go.