Affordable Website Design

Why So Many Solo-Business Owners DO NOT Get Business Websites...

Building your own website is hard

The ads make it sound like building a website is as eas as "drag & drop." It's not. The truth is that most sites that get started on DIY platforms never get finished.

Hiring a traditional web designer can be an expensive waste of time

Most web designers are artists not marketers. They do create visually stunning websites, but those sites aren't designed to do the one thing you need: Generate leads.

Your website is your digital front door

Like it or not, to potential customers, you are what you look like online. Without a website you're sending countless customers to your competitors. 

Call us to build the site you need and take the hassle out of affordable website design.
affordable website design

Our Process is Simple & Fast

Included with Every Website

At C2Local, we're all about affordable website design, but we do it differently.  Starting with your domain name.  During our kick-off call, we'll check to see if you already have one.  If not, we'll secure it for you free of charge during our build process.

When your site is complete, we offer a web hosting and management service* to make owning your website worry-free.  We'll build your site on the WordPress CMS, the most popular platform in the world, and optimize it with the latest speed, security, and SEO software, We'll register your completed site with the search engines and make sure it performs as well on smartphones as it does on laptops.

Affordable Website Design | Why You Should Choose a Marketer to Build Your Site.

Traditionally, with affordable website design, you get a website that's inexpensive and looks great. At C2Local, we refer to those as online business cards. 

They're fine to look at but if you're an independent professional or solo-business owner, you need all the help you can get to make the cash register ring.

We build websites to deliver hot leads that you can turn into customers.

If someone visits your website, you can bet that they're interested in the types of products and services you sell. 

That's why we include the standard pages every business needs and we format your business information to be informative and engaging.

But we don't stop there.  We also offer optional lead-generation features to turn anonymous website visitors into leads you can actively engage.  

Professional Lead Generation Website

Standard Website Features

Lead Generation Features (Optional)

Features Available w/Hosting & Maintenance Service

Frequently Asked Questions

When you're ready to get started with your affordable web design, just click the “Get Started” button above to go to checkout.  When you're complete, you'll be directed to our getting started page and an online form you can use to share all the information we need to build your website.

If you're not quite ready to complete the form right away, that's not a problem. At the bottom of each page is a link to save the form.  You'll be able to return later and pick up where you left off.

Every single website you see online is hosted on a server (think of it as a specialized “cloud”). These servers make it possible for anyone to visit your website from anywhere in the world any time of the day or night.

When we're ready to publish, we'll need to move your files to the server your site will be accessed from. You have the option of finding your own hosting provider or using the hosting and maintenance package we provide.

This package is $35 per month or $360 per year with no contract to lock you in.

With this package, we store your files on the same fast and secure Virtual Private Server we use for our own websites.

In addition to hosting your website, we also take care of the routine maintenance needed to keep your site running smoothly.

Your website runs on software just like the software on your smartphone, and just like your smartphone, the software on your website needs to be updated and backed up regularly. We do backups daily and updates as they become available.

With our maintenance package, when you have articles, videos, or any other content to add to your site, we'll add them to your site for you and make sure they're formatted for the best presentation.


Having a professional email address makes a better impression on potential clients than using an email address that ends in or  

We've tried many different 3rd party email services and the best by far in our opinion is the custom email that comes with Google Workspace.  It's a gmail account that uses as the email address instead of

This service requires a little geekery to setup but to keep that from getting in your way we offer this setup as a free add-on for our hosting and maintenance clients.

If you currently have an email provider, we can integrate it into your new site within the 14 day window. If not, we will make recommendations for you and get them integrated as soon as it is set up.