Blog Ideas For Hairdressers and Other Independent Professionals

blog ideas for hairdressers

In this article we're once again going to talk about content creation. We're going to focus on blog ideas for hairdressers just because I have a soft spot, but in reality, these techniques will work regardless of your specialty.

The reason we keep coming back to this topic is that content is the fuel that powers the engine. There are all kinds of other things that you can do to promote yourself and you business, but nothing is as cost effective. Nothing has the shelf life that creating content does.

You have to constantly be putting new content out there. Whether you put it into your social media, whether you put it on your blog post or you create videos. Whatever you’re doing, you have to constantly push content.

That’s how you first establish, then develop your online presence. It’s your online presence that does all the heavy lifting of finding all those new biscuits you need to come through the door.

They’re, not going to find you accidentally. You have to get in front of them. That’s what your content does.

Where do you find blog ideas for hairdressers?

blog ideas for hairdressers

This is one of those questions we could spend days on. There are three levels of questions and each deserves a little air time. However, in the interest of time, we're going to limit that question to first level questions.

Let's start by flipping this around a little. In reality, you could write articles about anything you please but let's ne practical. People are only going to come to the website if you have something on there that appeals to them. So the question isn't where do you find topics, the question is how do you find out what people want to know?

Since we're trying to sell services, we're going to start there.

Look at your list of services. Pick the ones you want to promote the most. Go to Google and type the name of the service into the search box and hit enter.

Now look towards the top of the search page for a section titled: People also ask.


Here you'll find a list of questions that people have actually typed into the search engine. Since you started by typing your service name into the search box, what you have is a list of questions that people across the country have asked about that specific topic.

So without having to do too much mental exercise, you have a solid of blog ideas for hairdressers. This is what you make your blog posts, your podcasts and your video content about.

How to uncovering additional blog ideas for hairdressers

When you first type you service into Google, the People Also Ask section will display three or four questions.

Don't be fooled. There are quite a few other blog ideas hidden in plain sight.

To uncover them, simply click into one of the questions and then click out of it. Google will then display three or four more questions. If you click in and click out again, Google will supply you with a few more questions. Like I said, you don't have to be a rocket scientist. Just know a few of the tricks.

One thing that I do want to point out is that some of the questons will just be variations on the same question. Each of the variations doesn't get its own blog topic, just the main questions topics that keep showing up.

The goal is to build relevance

blog ideas for hairdressers

So now that you understand how to find those beginning level blog ideas for hairdressers I want to make you aware of what all this means to the Google machine and your overall ranking efforts.

Google is all about relevance. There's no right or wrong, good or bad. It only cares if what’s on your website on any of the pages provides a good answer to what someone’s typing in in search box in your local area.

Since there are plenty of sites that have the questions to any question, Google could list any old website and be just fine. But Google would prefer to give an answer from a source that’s local. Especially if it’s, an authoritative post. In other words, a post that really answers that question.

To build relevance, yo've got to train Google's spiders to come back.

Two hunters are running from a bear in the woods. One hunter yells to the other: Do you think we can outrun this bear. The hunter yells back, I don't have to outrun the bear. I just gotta outrun you.

That's the fight you're engaged in everyday for relevance over your competitors.

Most website owners do not add content to their website once it's been built. When a site is new, Google spider stop by daily to check for changes.

If it finds something new, it'll come back tomorrow. If it doesn't, it'll come back next week. If it doesn't find anything new it’ll come back in two weeks. If it get's used to not finding anything new it'll come back every six months or so.

You train Google to come back and check your relevance by how often you put new content on your website.

As a busy business owner, dropping new content consistently can be a challenge. As always, if you need help, just give me a call. I'm always available to help you with that.

The best case scenario is to drop a piece of content once a week. Most business owners will find that a bit aggressive and a bit of a challenge. Once every two weeks is still acceptable. However, if you’re pinched for time shoot for no less than once per month. You don't want Google to get out of the habit of coming back to your site to check for new content.

It's all about relevance.