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January 27, 2019
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Brand yourself: When you shouldn’t create a company brand


One of the most interesting decisions you have to make when you’re trying to sling elbows and make your way in the competitive internet marketing space is what to call your business. What name do you want your enterprise to be known as?

While it’s tempting to come up with some really important sounding moniker and use that as your business persona, there’s a school of thought that says it might just be better to come as you are. Just use your name.

In this post we’re bringing you some food for thought from Peep Laja. If you happen to be a entrepre-ninja, a one man gang or an army of one, you need to stand out and not be a commodity. You need to be special.

Enjoy the video because there’s some goodness in embracing your individual size that you may just be overlooking.

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