A Simple Secret For Attracting Clients
May 11, 2018

5 Online Marketing Terms Every Independent Contractor Should Know

This may sound a little odd, but the easiest way to find new offline clients is to go online to look for them. Online marketing is probably the most effective yet inexpensive way to get in front of people who have no idea you exist but are out there looking for services you provide.

Two Major Adjustments

As an independent contractor, you have to adjust your outlook on what you're trying to do online and what success looks like.

  1. The first adjustment is how you think of the Internet. You're not a consumer anymore. You're a business and you need to position yourself to attract prospects and leads. You'll either become familiar with the tools, techniques and best practices to accomplish that or hire someone to do your marketing for you..
  2. The second adjustment is what you consider to be successful marketing. In the offline world success is simply measured by the number of sales you make. In the world of internet marketing success is measured by the size of your list and how responsive they are to information and offers you send them.

Here a few tools to put in your marketing toolbox to help you get started. These terms mean very little to you now, but they're critical to you as you develop your online marketing strategy.

Lead Magnet  ·  Autoresponder  ·  Segmentation  ·  Bounce Rate  ·  Retargeting


There are more than two billion websites online.

You're only competing against 10 to 15 sites in your local area.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is one of the most useful tools in your online marketing tool box. An email address is of great importance, though all landing pages request that their visitors leave their email address it’s not a guarantee that they will actually give it up, lead magnets will help you convince them to provide these details. When using a lead magnet, a company provides an incentive or valuable information to the customer in exchange for their contact details. The information should be unique, not readily available otherwise it will not be enough to convince the customers. Lead magnet is a great way to grow your contact list. With the email address of potential customers, you can send them content that will help them make the final decision to buy your product.


These are programmed messages you create so that they are sent to a specified audience in an order that you have chosen. Autoresponders are awesome tools to help you create confidence in your audience and solidify connections. They are mostly used to confirm subscriptions and as thank you messages, it is important that you add more relevant information to the message this way they will be hard to ignore. Using autoresponders lifts a weight off your shoulders as they are reliable and prompt and will run for as long as you want them to doing exactly what you want them to.


Sorting out your contacts into different categories. One mistake that businesses make is sending the same email to everyone on their contact list without considering the differences in their engagements or interests. In order to have emails that are relevant to every recipient, you can use segmentation. Segmentation will classify your contacts into categories on the bases of the customer location, customer type, and their interests. This way you will reduce your unsubscribe percentage.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of people who leave after visiting only one page is called bounce rate, it is used to show the effectiveness of a particular web page. With a high bounce rate, the page is deemed unhelpful or irrelevant as it is not retaining visitors. It is important to understand that bounce rates do not tell the whole story, visitors can leave your website after viewing a single page for various reasons, could be that they found what they wanted on the very first page or they didn’t and had to go elsewhere sometimes it’s not a cause to worry. It’s upon you to judge if it’s a cause to worry depending on your goals.


This is a tool used by companies to target customers based on their previous actions online. This helps to anonymously redisplay your products to people who have visited your site before. Every time a prospect sees your product, it will increase familiarity and enhance the chance that they will actually buy the product. It is a great tool to use as it optimizes on the people who have already shown interest in the product thus are more likely to buy. Retargeting is most successful when used as a part of a larger strategy, it may not be much on its own.