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We deliver exclusive live calls direct to you.  24/7 or during your regular business hours. With weekly reporting and recorded calls you'll never pay for an unqualified call.  We work hard to get your phone to ring over and over again.
contractor phone leads

Major providers like HomeAdvisor sell the exact same lead to five different companies? We transfer calls directly to you. The calls we send you are exclusive for your business. We care about you getting more booked jobs so you'll come back month after month.

Contractor Phone Leads: Lead Generation That Just Works

Frequently Asked Questions

With local lead generation sites and highly targeted ad placements on high traffic platforms such as Google and Facebook.

No we don't. Calls are forwarded directly to your phone as soon as they come in. We do not share leads under any circumstances.

A call to request a service you provide or to get information about a service you provide.

This would NOT include calls that don't have the possibility of turning into new business.  Examples of non-qualified calls would be job seekers, requests outside your service area, requests for services you don't provide or telemarketers calls.

We incur a cost for every call we deliver to your phone.  We charge a reduced fee for unanswered call to offset this cost.

To prevent unanswered calls we only deliver calls during hours you specify on our intake questionnaire.

Our lead generation process begins once you place a deposit with us and complete our services questionnaire. 

We deduct the fee for qualified and unanswered calls from the balance as they come in. Each Monday we send you a call report listing the opening balance, total number of calls generated, number of unanswered calls, number of qualified calls and the closing balance.

We record all calls and provide a client dashboard for you to review each call. You can dispute any call you are billed for through the dashboard.

No you won't. We prefer to work with a single business in any area and we want to maintain a profitable relationship for years. Once we agree on pricing, the price is set. If we need to adjust pricing at some point in the future, it will be by mutual agreement.
We do not interact with the calls we forward to you. We simply generate the calls so your team can develop them into new business. We automatically record calls so you can review your team's performance when closing sales. Our dashboard also logs calls that we generate but aren't answered or that go to voicemail.

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Pay Per Call

We Promote Your Service Online

We start by placing compelling advertisements on prominent sites like Google, Bing & Facebook.

Pay Per Call

Customer Calls For Your Service

Customers respond to our advertisement placements by calling our dedicated call tracking number.

Their Call is Directed Straight To You

We immediately forward the call to a number of your choice during your regular business hours.

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