How to Get Fresh Leads Sent to Your Inbox

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First of all, I appreciate you throwing your attention in my direction.  Hopefully this time out you'll find it worth your while.  At least that's what I'm shooting for.

So let's start with the obvious.  If you're reading this article on this website, I'm going to assume you've either got a website or you're about to go out and get one.

And since I'm feeling frisky, I'll go even further out on a limb and guess that you're interested in using it to generate leads for your business. I'm with you. Having a website just to have a website doesn't make a whole lot of sense now does it?

A good first step in making that happen is to wrap your head around the idea that your website should be more than a digital business card.

If all it does is to tell the public who you are, what you do and where to find you, then you're leaving gobs of money on the table.

It doesn't do you much good if visitors come to your website look around and then just bounce. So let's have a chat about fixing that.

Show Me The Money Questions

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You don't make sales by having people just stare are your website.  If you want the cha-ching, they've got to do something. 

The million dollar question is “What is that something?”

What do your website visitors need to do to get you closer to making a sale?

If you're running an eCommerce site that's easy, they drop something in the shopping cart and amble on over to the checkout page.  But I'm assuming you're in a little bit of brick and mortar kind of situation.

For cash flow to happen, you need personal interaction. What that looks like depends on the industry you're in and what services you provide. But no matter what, I'm pretty sure you need them to do something that gets you some up close and personal time or at least gets some phone action happening.

How good is your website at getting them to do that?

If you think about it, there are really only a handful of money actions someone can do on your website.

  • Your phone number is listed so they can call to make an appointment. 
  • Your address is probably listed so they can get directions to your spot and just drop in.
  • If you're really progressive, you have online booking built into your site so they can make an appointment.


If all of those items are prominently displayed on your website.

That means you're set up for the folks who stop by and want to do business with you right now.  Cool beans. But what about those other folks?

Do you have anything for the folks who aren't ready to make a purchase yet?

If you're like most folks, probably not.


Dude! You Need a Sales Funnel

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I know you don't spend a lot of time looking at the geek sites I do, so I'm going to do you a solid and let you in on one of those no joke, need to know facts.

The majority of folks who hit you website aren't there to make a purchase.

Depending on which survey you look at, we're talking 92-97% of folks wandering around on your website have zero intention of tickling their wallets for you or anyone else any time soon.  No phone calls, no online appointments, nothing!

How frustrating is that?

Well, if you have a sales funnel in place, it's not frustrating at all.  Let me hit you with one of my famous long winded illustrations to explain why.

A Fictional Story About a Fictional Friend

I've got a fictional friend named Jim who owns a small air conditioning company.  Last month he ran a promotion to generate a little business.

On the front page of his website, Jim offered a coupon for $50 off of a $150 air conditioning service. His visitors just needed to fill in a form on Jim's website with their email address so he'd know where to send the coupon.

By the end of the month Jim had sent out 42 coupons. When he looked at his website stats, Jim saw that he actually had 350 unique visitors to his website during the month.

When you divide the number of coupons Jim sent out  by the number of people who saw his offer, 350/42, you get a conversion rate of 12%.

That's a neat piece of Jeopardy information, but it's probably still in the “so what” category. So let me ramble on a little more to give you a little context.

Jim Has a Sales Funnel

Last month wasn't the first time  Jim ran that particular promotion. He's run it off and on for the last couple of years.

He keeps running it because he keeps getting results.

Those $50 service coupons are Jim's lead magnets. They start his visitors on a little journey.

This journey is filled with a series of email messages that contain videos, and secondary promotions that Jim set up ahead of time to go out automatically.

These automated messages are designed to educate and build rapport with the folks on his list.

They are also designed to emphasize his visitor's pain points and position Jim as the expert who can best make that pain go away.

Jim's been doing this for a while.

He knows that for every fourteen service coupons he sends out, on average he gets one complete air conditioner replacement.

That's worth between $6,000 and $10,000 dollars each.

Now as cool as that sounds, it's not magic,

It took some experimenting for Jim to develop the best mix of messages to produce his current conversion rate but once he had it dialed in, his sales funnel has been a consistent source of revenue ever since.

If It Were Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It.

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Now this is an illustration and Jim is a fictional character, but the scenario is very real.

If you want your website to get in the habit of sending leads to your inbox you'll need a lead magnet and some autoresponder software.

When I'm working with my peeps to set this stuff up, I like to use a company called

There are a bunch of other companies out there but these folks have all the bells and whistles and a free forever plan.

Who doesn't like free?

If you're like most small businesses, then you're probably still using your website as an online business card. Tuning your sales funnel so you get the kinds of results I mentioned in my fictional story take a little bit of work.

But converting your website into a sales funnel isn't hard at all, even though it seems like it should be.

This is actually a good thing because it creates an opportunity for you if you decide to jump on it..

Few, if any of your competitors will be interested in putting in the work to create their own sales funnel.

Which means all of those future customers in your market who are looking online for information to make a smart buying decision will only be able to find it on your website.

If you need help putting the pieces in place, just reach out. Schedule a call on my online app or use the form on my contact page. 

I'll gladly help you get started putting the right pieces in place.