A Simple Formula To Get More Reviews

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Fair or not, we've live in a time when a large chunk of your potential customers make decisions about you based in large part on your online reviews.

93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.


For every one star increase that a business gets on Yelp, they see a 5-9% increase in revenue.

Harvard Business Review

Reviews make customers 71% more comfortable purchasing a product.


So how do you crack the code and join the list of folks that get more reviews than average?  The secret isn't much of a secret.

Companies that stack reviews on the regular, tend to be very systematic about asking.  They follow a few simple steps over and over to the point where they don't even think about it.  Then the system does the rest.

What follows is a simple system you can use to make asking for reviews consistent, easy and relatively painless.  Enjoy!

The Easiest Way to Get More Reviews

Step 1 – Pick the Right Sites

The first step (and probably the most important) to get more reviews is to pick the right sites to focus on.  There are a ton of review sites on the net.  Some are worth your time. Some, not so much. 

The two heavy hitters in the review space are Google and Yelp.  No matter what business you're in, you should start there.

If you haven't already done so start by creating or claiming your Google My Business Listing and your Yelp Business Page.

Your industry may also have specialized review sites like RateMDs.com or OpenTable.com.  It would make sense to stack reviews there as well.

One of my local marketing heroes, Phil Rozek put together a huge list of general and industry specific reviews spots.

Once you've stacked up a good number of reviews on Google and Yelp, then this list will definitely be worth taking a look at: https://goo.gl/0SgM6e.

Step 2 – Make It Easy to Leave Reviews

So the truth of the matter is that it's hard to get more reviews when just leaving a single review takes an act of congress.  For most of your people, going online to leave a review isn't exactly easy. 

For a small percentage of your customers, leaving a review is a piece of cake.  They do it all the time.  But for the majority of your customers, trying to figure out the where and how of leaving a review is pretty darn frustrating.

A Simple Fix:  Make It Easy to Leave You a Review 

Begin by creating a review page on your website that contains links pointing to the review sites you want them to use.
When you create this page, make sure the links point directly to the spot on the review sites where your customers need to go to begin typing.

Your clients may like you, but probably not enough to fish through a review site to figure out how to do you a solid.  You probably shouldn't test to find out if it's true or not.

Displaying Your Links on the Page

review generation serviceWhile you could display your review site links as a simple link, clickable images generally get a much better response.

Pictures make life so much easier online.  If I'll be the one creating this page for you, this will be the option I use unless you have a different preference.

Step 3 – Make It Routine to Ask for Reviews

With reviews, you're playing the averages.  Think of it in baseball terms. 

In the big leagues, a batter who only gets a hit 4 out of  10 times will still end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I'm not sure whether it was Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky, but one of them said that  “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

The same holds for online reviews.  You miss 100% of the reviews you don't ask for.  No matter how much they like you and your business, if you rely on clients to take it upon themselves to leave you a review, not only won't you get more reviews, your review counts could end up being a liability.

You've got to ask them.  To be more specific, you've got to ask them consistently.  This is the step that makes the difference between wanting a lot of reviews and getting a lot of reviews.

The trick is to make it painless.  Add a simple routine to your close out procedures. Whenever you finish a job or provide a service, send your customers the link to the review page you created.

It doesn't matter how you send it to them.  Put it in a text or send it by email with a friendly request for a review.

To increase your response rate, you can send a friendly follow up reminder three days after you send the first one if they haven't dropped a review yet.

If they don't drop a review, don't sweat it.  Success isn't in getting the review, it's in sending the request.   Each time you press send, you're taking the shot.

Will all of your clients leave a review?  Not a chance!  But if you make this simple process a part of your everyday routine, you'll start racking up hall of fame review numbers reliably.

Step 4 – Make It Important to Get Reviews

There's a strange truth about the way our mental furniture is arranged.  We pay attention to what's important.  We tend to ignore the rest.  It's probably a survival thing going back to the stone age. 


However, if you rearrange that sentence, you'll see one of the biggest problems company's have with generating reviews.


If you're not paying attention to generating reviews, if you're not talking about them in staff meetings or counting how any times you ask on a weekly basis, then they must not be important to you.   And if they're not important to you… well you get the idea.


Reviews Equal Money 

Your review game should be front and center with all of your other important business functions.

Make sure it isn't an afterthought in your normal business day.


Put the link to your review page on anything you can think of that has daily visibility.  Attach it to your outbound correspondence. Put it on the back of your business cards and attach a card to your invoices and proposals.


In your emails, include the link to your review page in your signature block or even as a separate line at the bottom of the page.


Place a table card with the link on it, in the office waiting room, at your salon workstation, or at the cashier checkout.


These silent salesmen just sit there and constantly request reviews.  They also remind you and your staff how important it is to get more reviews and add to the bottom line.

Step 5 – Get More Mileage From Your Reviews

You've got a club, you may as well swing it! 

Most business owners (even the ones with tons of reviews) work to get more reviews because intuitively it makes sense.  Lots of reviews sounds like something you should want more of.

They basically think of reviews as a static asset.  Something you're just supposed to collect and let gather dust.

In reality, your review game is a tool for generating new sales and building long term relationships.  Since prospects pay such close attention to what other people say about you, take those words and get the absolute most out of them.

You can put them in an image and post them on Instagram, create a short review video and publish it to YouTube or you go the easy route and just tweet them out.

Good news is always worth spreading. How you spread it is limited by your imagination.

The steps on this page are everything you need to have a successful review game.

If you need an assist to set any of this up, click the button below to reach out.  Now get started racking up those reviews!  Talk to you soon.

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