You only get one chance to make a first impression.

When online prospects discover you, most of their opinion of your company is shaped by what you show them.

Don't sacrifice future sales and your company's image by showing them a website that looks like it was built by an amateur.

Do-it-yourself platforms promote their site builders as being quick and easy. That doesn't mean that it will be quick and easy FOR YOU.

Get a website that sets you apart as the trusted authority your prospects are looking for.

Exchange the do-it-yourself headaches for professional stress free web development. In less than three weeks you can be established online. Click the link below for pricing and full details on our three week web creation process.

E-commerce and lead generation websites also available. Schedule a phone consultation below to discuss your specific business needs.
All websites come standard with Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Sitemap pages and cancellation policy page (if necessary).


Initial Consultation and Order

At the initial consultation, we discuss your project, answer any questions you have about our build process and discuss any features you may need that are not included with our basic package.

We'll acquiring your domain name, hosting, maintenance and any questions you may have about the actual build process.

If we're a good fit, place your order and we will reserve a space for your project in the build cue.

Step 1 - Website Content and Design Choices

What do you want your prospects and customers to know about you and your business?

This is called your marketing message and it's the most important piece of information I need to create your website.

I don't create your marketing message. I take the information you provide and craft it into a website.

To help you pull this information together I created a website questionnaire to guide you through some of the basic information I need.

This includes questions about design preferences and business information such as services, location, special offers etc.

To make filling out the questionnaire easy, I've also provided a companion video to walk you step by step through the questions. Step 1 ends when we receive your questionnaire.

Step 2 - Initial Build

Once we receive the completed questionnaire, I'll review it and touch base with you if I need to ask any clarifying questions.

I then pass it on to the build team who will configure your site and add your content. Once the initial build is complete I'll send you a link to the development site for you for initial review.

Step 3 - Final Build and Publish

During this phase, my goal is to make sure you're happy with your new site.

We make adjustments until you are satisfied and then publish the site onto the web so you can begin using it to drive new customers to your business.

Follow Up

Once you're site is online, we're not quite finished.

After the site is published you have a 30 day period to check for any errors, typos, price changes, product issues etc.

During that 30 day window we'll make any adjustments or corrections to the published site free of charge. After the initial follow-up period, normal maintenance fees apply.


With the Website Basic Build plan we create your website while you secure the domain name and web hosting needed to publish your website online. With the Website Plus Hosting plan we take care of everything for you. This includes setting up hosting for the first year, providing a free domain name*, a free SSL certificate and website maintenance.

Basic Build


10 Pages

  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Image Gallery
  • Free Domain
  • 1st Yr Web Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Website Maintenance

Plus Hosting


10 Pages

  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Image Gallery
  • Free Domain
  • 1st Yr Web Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Website Maintenance

Websites must have hosting to be visible on the internet. Hosting is a specialized "cloud" where the files that make up your website are kept.

With the WEBSITE BASIC BUILD, you will need to purchase hosting from a third party provider like Hostgator or GoDaddy. When your website is complete, we will then set your website up on their hosting.

With the WEBSITE PLUS HOSTING plan, we provide the hosting for your website. Initial hosting is for 1 year with the option to renew annually.

The words that someone types directly into the web address bar at the top of a web browser is your domain name. Example: The domain name tells the web browser where to go to access your website files. This is also referred to as your web address.

You do not own a domain name. You only register its use. Domain registration is the fee that gives you control over a domain name and what files it points to.

With the WEBSITE BASIC BUILD, you must take care of domain registration by contacting a domain registrar like to select and register your domain. You must then provide that information to us so we can link it to your website files.

You must also ensure that your domain registration does not expire or you run the risk of losing control of your domain name. In that case someone else can register it and ether point it at other files or charge you a fee to regain control of the domain.

With the WEBSITE PLUS HOSTING plan, we will take care of securing domain registration and maintaining it for you. Initial domain registration is free. Annual renewal is free as part of your hosting plan.

*Domain names with endings other than .com, .org, or .net may require an additional fee. Examples of this would be location domain names endings such as .vegas, .london or .nyc

Unsecured websites have web addresses that begin with HTTP. Secured websites have SSL certificates installed and begin with HTTPS.

Web browsers like Google Chrome or Apple Safari note the security status of a website in the address bar. Without an SSL certificate web surfers see a notation in the browser address bar that the website is NOT SECURE.

With the WEBSITE BASIC BUILD, if you would like an SSL certificate installed on your site, you must purchase an SSL certificate from a third party vendor and have it installed after your website is published online.

With the WEBSITE PLUS HOSTING plan, your SSL certificate is installed free of charge as part of your hosting plan.

We provide basic On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with both of our website build plans.

With this option we format the code on your individual web pages so the search engines understand what your website is about and who you want to see it.

You provide us with specific words or phrases (keywords) you want to promote based on your main business category, your primary product or service and your location. We will then format one keyword per page based on the terms you select.

Just like the software on your computer or smartphone, the software that runs your website needs to be updated regularly. With the WEBSITE BASIC BUILD you must take care of these updates yourself or secure the services of a third party vendor such as WP Site Care.

Website maintenance is included in the WEBSITE PLUS HOSTING plan. In addition to the basic maintenance tasks, this plan also includes installing any codes provided by third party vendors for running their programs on your website. Examples could be calendar scheduling apps or dynamic badges from sites like the Better Business Bureau. WEBSITE PLUS HOSTING plan members also have the option of a complete website rebuild every three years.

Website maintenance is automatically included with the WEBSITE PLUS HOSTING plan. Website maintenance is not available with the WEBSITE BASIC BUILD.


The very first step in the website build process is to make sure that what we do is a good fit for what you need. We can figure that out pretty quickly with a short 30 minute phone consultation. Click the button to schedule.

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