What’s a Landing Page and Why Do You Need One?

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Updated: September 8, 2019

Video Transcript:

00:00 – Hey folks, how are you doing? This is Chris your self-appointed Internet Sherpa. In this video we're going to have a conversation about the importance of landing pages. The reason we're going to have this conversation is because in the course of my on-boarding process for building websites, I normally ask the question, what pages do you need me to build for your website?

Not Your Typical Landing Page Video

00:50 – Then before I get started, I need to put out a quick public service announcement. There are a lot of videos about landing pages online and in case you stumbled across this one on Youtube, I've got to tell you, this is not like most of the ones you're going to come across. I'm not going to go into the down and dirty details as to what you need to know to build a landing page.

The sole purpose of this video is to explain the importance of landing pages so you can decide whether you actually need one. And if you do what information I'll need from you to get one started. So with that said, let us begin. So here's our agenda. We're going to cover three basic things. One, what is a landing page to do you needle any page hint, yes, I'd say you do. And three, what do I need from you to get yours built?

Website Common Knowledge

The average person understands that there's a homepage, an about page, contact page, testimonials, maybe product and services page, and then maybe a gallery if their business lends itself to that. However, one of the things that doesn't come up is landing pages. And then when I bring it up, it's usually takes a little bit of explanation to get there. So what I thought I would do is create this video that talks about landing pages in a clear, concise way so that by future clients in anybody who happens to stumble across this video has the, uh, has an understanding of the importance and whether or not it is for them.

What a Landing Page Isn't

01:32 – Now I've found that the easiest way to explain a landing page or what does it landing page is, is to explain what a landing page isn't. You're probably very familiar with your home page and you know it's usually the first page that most people see when they come to our website and on the homepage you'll see all kinds of information.

Different websites put different things up there, but the reason that all that information is there is because you never sure who's going to show up on your home page. It's going to be a bunch of different people with a bunch of different agendas. Some folks are going to be looking for your social media information. Some folks are going to be at the tail end of the buying process and they're either looking to confirm or deny that the decision they've already made is the correct decision.

They Come from Many Places

02:10 – Then you're going to see some people who are at the beginning stages of the buying process and they're looking for information and looking to see if it's all there. So you have a bunch of different people with a bunch of different agendas who show up on your home page. There's a bunch of different ways from them to get there.

Obviously search engine optimization is one of the first ways that most people are familiar with, which is where someone goes to Google type something in and you end up in their first set of as first set of results. Or they could be, somebody could have linked to you, you might have something really cool on your website and someone clicked a link on a different website and ended up on your website.

Or You could have done a Facebook ad or a Facebook post. But the bottom line is there's a bunch of different ways that folks can end up on your homepage or for that matter anywhere else on your website.

They Come for Different Reasons

02:52 – And when they get there, there's a bunch of different results that they're looking for in a bunch of different results that you're looking for. So one way to think about the home page is it's kind of like the Swiss army knife of your website. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

A Page With a Very Narrow Focus

Your landing page, on the other hand, well that's more like a scalpel. It's got a very, very narrow focus. It's built for a specific audience, primarily got one path to get there and has a single desired result or action that you're wanting people to do once they get there. It's not for everybody that's that's your that would make up your customer base. It's for a very specific subset.

Folks that would be interested in say a single product that you have or people who want a single service and having this particular feature on your website definitely sets you apart as a serious marketer, and one thing I like to clear up here is that you can have more than one landing page because you have multiple subsets or folks that you're going after.

A Very Common Example

03:47 – By way of explanation, let's take the example of an HVAC contractor. There's many different ways they can shop their audience up, but primarily there's people that need repairs and there's folks that need whole system installations. You can't throw the same marketing message at both of these groups because they're listening on two different frequencies.

A landing page gives you the ability to have a focused conversation with a specific group of people about the specific thing they want to talk about without having outside distractions. And in this particular example, you can see where it would make sense to have two specific landing pages targeting to specific groups of people who are a subset of that HVAC contractor.

Time for a Redundant Conversation

04:27 – Now this page is what I refer to as the useless page. In other words, by the time we get here, hopefully you understand that the answers to this question is yes, however, we're going to go through it anyway just because there's a couple of points that you may not be aware of and I want to make sure that you fully understand why you need a landing page. So let's start a top.

Do you need a landing page? Yes. If you have a business website. I could have put a period there because that's the answer. If you have a business website, you need a landing page because there's going to be too many instances where there's something that you're trying to do, that a landing page is going to be required. So let's go down through a couple of them. If any of the following are true, you need a business website.

You Need a Landing Page If…

05:05 – One you want to promote a product service or some upcoming event, basically some specific event or thing that you want to have a singular conversation with a singular group that would be interested in it. Product service or event or something like that.

It can be something that's in the short term or something over the long term. It really doesn't matter, but it's a specific conversation that you want to have about a product that you sell about a service you provide or an event that you want to bring to their attention. So it can be short term, it can be long term. So that's the first one.

You plan to do any type of paid advertising and this is one that a lot of people overlooking. This is one of the most huge reasons for having a landing page. Paid advertising is like, well, an easy way of thinking about it is it's a pitch and catch.

The Pitch and Catch

05:49 – Most people pay attention to the pitch part, which is where they actually create the ad. And it shows up on Google or Facebook and someone clicks it but they don't think about the catch, which is where someone ends up on your website. When someone clicks an ad, you began a conversation with them about a specific thing. When they get to your website, you need to continue that conversation and you need to not distract them with a bunch of other stuff.

If you remember what we said about your homepage, it means a lot of things to a lot of people. Your landing page is a specific conversation with a specific group of people about a specific thing. That's the catch that you need to have and that's why it's so important if you're going to do paid advertising because if you don't, you're going to be wasting a lot of money now because people who are in or not interested in with offer you put the ad up for, but because when they get to your website, they didn't see what they were looking for.

06:41 – If you're going to do paid advertising, you're must have a landing page.

Your List of Customers

And finally, if you intend to build an email list or even a phone list, a list of potential customers, one of the things I like to remind a lot of the folks I work with is that your business is not the tools you work with. It's not the place you do whatever it is you do. Your business are the customers that continuously come back and fund your business.

And if you do not have a list of these customers that you can tap into a market at will, you're going to be struggling forever in having a list of people that know you, are familiar with, you, are interested in your product is such a valuable tool to have that you should constantly be in the process of building it. A landing page is one of the key tools for building that list.

We're not going to get into all the details about what goes into that because again, this is not that type of video. However, the concept of not constantly building a list of potential customers that you can market to, to help support your business. That's a no brainer. And one of the key tools for doing that. That's the landing page. So do you need a landing page? Yep. Yes you do.

Actionables Questions

07:53 – And now we come to the actionable page. What I need to build a landing page for you. And the first thing I need to know is what product or service or event do you plan to promote?

There are a bunch of different ways that you can think about this. Generally, people that I've worked with take a look at their products and service. They either want to promote something that they normally get the most sales out of or something that they may not get the most sales out of, but it gives them the most margin per sale. They want to make the most money for each time they do sell it.

Now, how you decide, that's up to you, but understand that all I need you to do is tell me what product that you're going to sell. What service did you try to promote and of course all the details that I'll need to create about that.

The Action You Need from Your Visitors

08:36 – Now, next thing I need to know is what action do you need your prospects to take? There's a lot that goes into this and a lot of it depends on the price point and what's the buying process of that thing.

If you have a product that has a low price point, then a coupon might do it. If you have a problem that has a higher price point, you may need to educate your prospect just a little bit, so it really depends on what is the next step in the buying process and all that is is an extension of what you naturally do anyway and we'll discuss that as it comes to them. Okay.

The Ethical Bribe

The next question is what incentive will you provide within to take that action? Just because you want them to take that action, it doesn't mean they want to take that action.

09:11 – What are you going to stick in front of them that gives them the reason to take that action? And again, the product or service will dictate a lot of what makes sense and we'll discuss that as we go forward.

But it's really important that you understand that you have to give them a reason to take whatever action. If it's a product with a low price point, something as simple as a coupon might work.

If it's a product with a higher price point, it might be something where you have to educate them and you have a white paper or some kind of a course or something that's on the website or a video that they can only get access to by clicking on a particular link.

It really depends on the product as to what incentive makes most sense, but you need to have that thought. There's not a whole lot of altruism going on on the Internet.


09:51 – Folks basically have the what's in it for me mentality, so you need to understand that you have to stick something in front of them that answers that question. What's in it for them? And the last question is, can you answer their three most important questions? A lot of times when people are building a website, it's all about me, me, me, me, me, and I have to keep reminding folks that your website is not about you. Your website is about the folks coming to your website. They're coming to your website for a reason. And these last three questions are the most important questions you have to have in your mind, not just for this landing page, but for anywhere else on your website. So without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into those three most important questions are the questions that your visitors are going to have when they end up on your landing page when they end up on your website.

Three Important Questions

10:34 – But we're talking landing pages for right now.

  • It's one, do you understand my problem?
  • Two, are you capable of solving my problem?
  • And three, what is my emotional why?

When visitors come to your website, the very first thing they want to know is do you understand them? Do you understand what their problem is? Do you get what they're trying to accomplish? And they can normally figure that out or figure out whether the answer that they're looking for is on your website.

In the first three seconds. Again, this is one of the reasons why if you're doing paid advertising that the question or the conversation you began when when they clicked on your ad, you need to continue and finish.

When they get to your website, do you understand their problem and the words that you have on the page and the things that you've set in front of them?

11:15 – We'll help them understand that and they will make that determination very quickly. The next question that they're going to have is, are you actually able to solve my problem? So if you're one of those folks, I'd like to do outlandish claims and things like that, you're probably gonna run into some kind of a situation.

The information that you put in front of them needs to answer that question: Are you capable of solving my problem? Because if they determined that what they're looking for is not on your website, or you're speaking on the wrong frequency, they're simply going to click the back button and bounce out of there.

The Emotional “Why?”

And this last one, what is my emotional why? One of the things in marketing that you need to understand and that needs to be a part of everything you're doing, especially with your website, is this. If you want people to take any kind of action there, don't hit them with logic.

12:02 – You hit them with emotion. What is their emotional why? Why should they do it? Because people make decisions with emotional and they back it up with logic.

I wish I was the person that came up with that. I'm not. But it's very, very true and it's been proven out time and time again. So as we're building your website and as you're looking to get someone to make a decision, it will be downright counterproductive to ignore that.

So this would be the time to have the conversation of features versus benefits. I don't need to know that this car has great gas margin will last for years and years. I want to know that it's going to make me look cool when I go to my high school reunion. It's the same conversation about the same product, just hitting on a different motivation that someone has.

Now, as I said, this conversation is not for me to explain the down and dirty about all that that we will do in our one-to-one conversations. It's for you to understand the importance of a landing page, why you should have one, and what you should be thinking about as far as your products and services, and which ones would be the best application of a landing page.

I am your local Internet Sherpa here to help you get where you need to be, and this is a tool that you definitely need to put into play. Thank you for lending me your attention for a short period of time. I'll talk to you soon.

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