The One Thing Ted Williams Taught Me about Lead Generation

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Lead generation is a learned skill. It also happens to be a survival skill. When small business owners open their doors for the first time, very few are experts in the fine art of finding new customers.

In some ways, lead generation in business is like hitting in professional baseball. If you want a successful career, it's the one skill you absolutely must be good at. The better you are, the more successful a career you'll have.

Ted Williams is considered to be one of the greatest hitters of all time. When he originally made his statement about being a good performer, I doubt he realized how many times it would be quoted and requoted during his lifetime.

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It's a great motivational quote for marketers. For starters, it looks at things from a positive viewpoint. Statistically speaking, succeeding three times out of ten is exactly the same as failing seven times out of ten.

However, baseball is mentally taxing. Having a positive outlook is a necessity. The same holds for sales and lead generation.

The typical message that people pull from that quote is that a 100% success rate isn't required to have a good career. Just keep swinging.

What I find interesting is that this quote doesn't fully capture how Ted Williams went about his craft.

His career batting average was .344, but his career on-base percentage (OBP) was .482. OBP is the measure of how often you get on base. That's whether you get a hit, the pitcher to walk you, or you get clunked by a pitch.

In baseball, your on-base percentage is a better measure of success than your batting average for one simple reason. You can't score unless you get on base. Ted Williams averaged a hit a little more than three times in ten, but he got on base nearly five times in ten.

That means he was in a position to score nearly 50% of the time that he had the opportunity.

Your Lead Generation “On-Base Percentage”

For a lot of small business owners, successful lead generation is only measured in sales. How many times did the cash register ring?

Sticking with our baseball analogy, that's the same as judging batters exclusively by the number of hits they get. It's not a complete picture. A better way to judge a lead generation campaign is in how many opportunities it creates for you to make a sale. How many times did you “get on base.”

Your website is your primary lead generation vehicle. Your objective is to send visitors to your website through paid ads, search engine optimization, or from your social media activity. Each visitor to your website represents an opportunity.

How good you are at getting on base will depend on the number of options you present to your visitors.

A well-optimized lead generation website will present your visitors with multiple options in a variety of ways. The following lead generation features are proven to covert incredibly well:

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  1. Lead Magnets
    Targeted offers that appeal to targeted segments of your audience
  2. Multiple Sign Up Forms
    Add sign up forms to the pages that get the most traffic
  3. Website Analytics Software
    Discover what visitors are most interested in by monitoring which pages get the most traffic
  4. Retargeting Pixels
    Build an accurate profile of your website visitors for future ad campaigns
  5. Pop-Ups, Slide-Ins & Info Bars
    Use attention-getting on-page modals to generate more subscribers & sales conversions


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When you set up your website, there's no way to know what each visitor will be looking for when they visit. However, if you have a solid understanding of your target audience you can easily set up your website for what they will be looking for.

A portion of your visitors will be ready to purchase. Another portion will be making a purchase at some point in the future. Your goal is to sell to each group when they're ready.

Base your lead generation around any activity that increases your on-base percentage. Give yourself the opportunity to make sales. You can't make sales unless you give yourself the opportunity. Today and in the future.

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