Mobile Conquesting

Advanced Mobile Ads

Location Based Advertising

With consumers spending more of their time on smartphones and tablets, you need a reliable mobile strategy in your digital marketing mix.  Mobile Conquesting is advanced technology that allows us to place your ads across premium mobile apps and web browsing sites within the area you want to reach. 

Mobile Conquesting Options:

Reach consumers on their mobile devices, targeting ads by their location, behavior, and even specific weather conditions. 

Imagine serving up your ads as customers walk into your competitors location.
Imagine being able to send your ad to everyone who visits a sporting event, concert or convention at a stadium or convention center.

With mobile conquesting, we target ads based on location, demographics and offline behavior so you can reach consumers on their mobile devices with the right ads at the exact right moment.

Your display ads will appear on smartphones and tablets of all sizes, triggered by conditions of your choosing. In addition we can dynamically place relevant information in real time, like distance to your location.

Accordion Content

With Geo-Fencing you can target your ads at people in real time while they're at a specific location or event. 

With Geo-Retargeting your ads continuing to target people after they leave the locations you were geo-fencing.

Geo-retargeting lookalike takes geo-fencing up a notch.  With this service your ads target people after they leave locations you were geo-fencing, then delivers ads to smartphones in those people’s neighborhoods.

Weather triggered ads display ads that are directly connected to a change in weather condition in a particular geolocation.

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