email marketing for contractors

Email Marketing Roadmap for Contractors

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We all need new customers right? Working to find ways to reach new audiences is always going to be a thing. But let's be honest. Email marketing for contractors is as popular as a kryptonite necklace is to Superman? Of all the tools in the local marketing toolbox.  This is the one that gathers the most dust.

email marketing for contractors

The good news is that email marketing for contractors has crazy ROI. This much ignored tool still kicks out $42 for every one dollar you put in. It still works, but you've got to work it. With an ROI like that, email marketing is always going to be worth a look.

The Nuts and Bolts of Email Marketing

Email marketing for contractors starts by connecting an opt-in form on your website with an email marketing service. The familiar ones you've probably heard of like MailChimp and Constant Contact. They're both very good, but they're not the only ones out there.

I've tried GetResponse, Aweber, Sendinblue, and Sendlane. The company I eventually settled on for my email marketing is Convertkit. What I like about them is their flexibity when it comes to segmenting my audience.

The best way email marketing for contractors develops relationships with the folks on your list is to talk about what they're interested in. The fastest way to turn off your audience is to make them slog through information they don't want. Segmentation is how you do that and Convertkit makes that easiest in my experience.

Once you've picked your service, the last part of the puzzle is creating an autoresponder sequence. This is a preplanned series of email messages that are automatically delivered based on some action your subscribers take.

This automation is what makes email marketing so powerful. Your marketing message is delivered to your audience the same way every time, day or night 365 days a year. It's the salesman that never sleeps and never takes a day off.

email marketing for contractors

Email Marketing for Contractors: Matching What You want with what They want

Zig Ziglar is very famous for saying that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. That's the heart of email marketing. But before we can help the visitors get what they want, we need to take a look at what that is.

What They Want
  • To get information so they can be as knowledgeable as possible for an upcoming purchase
  • Special offers or deals
  • Information to help with a project
What You Want
  • A list of prospects that trust you and are interested in services you sell.
  • Permission to contact them with tips, advice and promotions.

Email Marketing Begins and Ends With "The List"

So let's begin at the start. It's hard to have a successful email marketing campaign if you don't have anyone to email to. So the first step is getting names onto your list. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that:
email marketing for contractors

Email Marketing For Contractors Works Best When You're Active

The point of building a list is to use it. And the best time to start using your list is as soon as you start to build it. If you wait until a few months down the road when your list grows to a certain size, you'll lose the attention of those people to joined your list first.

The only thing you can do wrong with your list is ignore it. Everything else is open game. Here are a few ideas to help you stay engaged:

When you get started, it's hard to know exactly what your clients want from you. Following these suggestions will go a long way toward recognizing their interests. Then you can better customize your content for them.

Once You Got'em, You Gotta Keep Em.

You probably know that it's a lot harder to attract a brand-new customer than it is to hold on to an existing one. The same goes for the subscribers on your list.

Here's a few tips to keep those individuals that are currently on your list happy and engaged:

Email marketing for contractors continues to be pretty lucrative for those forward thinking contractors that use it. It's an inexpensive, economical method to bridge the gap to trusted brand that they recognize.

Email marketing brings in new consumers, and definitely helps to grow your organization. If you're interested in taking a swing at email marketing to get these benefits working for you, contact Chris Carter Local for a quick consultation to go over your options and get you moving in the right direction.

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