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It's Your Reputation. Use it!

Online reviews have insane influence over what customers believe about you and your brand.  Every day, your online reputation is either bringing you opportunities or sending customers to your competition.  Begin a program of aggressively accumulating and promoting online word of mouth to build your brand and grow your business. 

Reputation Marketing Program Features

Everything you need to build a 5-star reputation. Monitor and grow customer reviews then use them to boost your search visibility, stand out from the competition, and attract new customers. 

Generate Online Reviews

76% of customers will leave a review if asked.  Aggressive reputation marketing means having multiple ways of asking to match your wide variety of clients.

Encourage customers to leave feedback in-store via terminals and tablets with Kiosk Mode.  Collect reviews through interactive emails and text messages with their 98% open rates.  Use a custom review link in your email signature, on printed materials or anywhere else you can drop a link.

Real-Time Reviews Updated to Your Website

Stop dealing with the limitations of posting static reviews to your site. Your prospects give more weight to a review from last week than one from last year. 

In hands-off mode, our software pulls all of your latest reviews from all sources and posts them to your site as soon as they’re published.  In hands-on mode, reviews don't post to your site unless approved.  Now you can highlight the best reviews and hide those you don’t want to display.

Proactively Manage Customer Feedback

Get in front of any negative experiences and gather valuable customer feedback to improve your business. 

Make it easy for customers to tell you exactly how you did.  See which customers had a positive or negative experience.  Manage negative feedback by offering promo codes.  Customers want to know that they've been heard.  Use this tool to turn negative experiences into positive ones.    

Build Reviews on Industry Review Sites

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