Frictionless Reviews System

Doing the work to get reviews is a challenge but you and I both know it's essential for your local marketing program.  Reviews help bring in new customers as well as an opportunity for repeat sales to your current customers.

Reviews are also one of the key ranking factors Google uses for the Local SEO and placement in the 3-Pack. Those spots just below the map get the lion share of the clicks on those pages. 

This simple system makes it much easier to routinely get reviews from your customers. Other than a little elbow grease to set it up, there's no cost.  Just fill in your email below and my autoresponder will send it out to you. (Takes about 15 minutes to process and send out.)

If you need any help setting things up let me know. Once the preliminary steps are taken care of it'll take me less than an hour to get you up and running.  Fill in the form below to send for the instruction sheet. 

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