social media

Getting Fans to Know, LIKE and Trust You

The purpose of social media isn't to do social media.  It's a valuable business function for reaching potential customers and staying engaged with your current ones.

Until potential customers see you as a real person, they will continue to think of you as just another business.

Social media is one of the best tools for showing your style and personality.

When you're running solo, staying on top of your routine posting can be challenging.  Especially when you have other pressing tasks to attend to.

Let C2Local do the social media heavy lifting.  We'll keep your profiles filled with fresh creative content that makes sense for your brand and your individual style.

Keeping Your Profiles Full Is the Heart of Your Social Media Strategy

We find the best curated content and push it to your platforms automatically twice daily from Monday to Friday.

In addition to the curated content, we stay on top of you monthly for brand and promotional content to fill out your content calendar.

  • Includes Facebook & Instagram platforms
  • Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn available
  • 6 month & 12 month plans
  • Only $95 monthly
  • Special rate when combined with Basic Plan
  • Included with Advanced Plan