Tools I Use

I've been through a lot of online tools and resources since 2012.  The tools on this page are either currently in heavy rotation or old favorites where I still trust the developer. 

Website Building



My platform of choice. Massive flexibility, extensive documentation, tons of developer support.


Where I get all of my domains.  They charge less plus they include free identity protection.  


A page builders that seems like it was created by developers with common sense.


The simplest tool for managing on-page search engine optimization and schema markup.


My preferred security software and one of the first plugins I install when I build a new website.

A2 Hosting

The company that allows me to seamlessly host and take care of all of my client's sites.

Content Creation


There are a lot of AI copywriting assistance tools online. This is the one that doesn't require a PhD. to use it.


My goto tool for converting written content into video for YouTube, IG or wherever.

The service I use to transcribe audio from clients or convert podcast episodes into blog articles.


My podcast choice for getting my voiceout without the complications of other syndication platforms.

Hemingway Editor

What sounds good to me can be a pretty tough read. Hemingway Editor helps me smooth that out.


I write the way I talk.  That means LOTS of typos and missed punctuation. Grammarly is how I clean all that up.


My favorite online tool for playing with images. They've got templates for pretty much anything you need.

Pixelmator Pro

Solid image editing for MacOS. All the power I need without the huge Adobe price tag.

Sound Studio 4

Bad audio will kill you online. This is the tool I use to tweak the audio on a video or podcast.



Rank tracking and review management. Tools to keep an eye on everything under one roof.


Free for lists up to 2000 names. Perfect for business owners new to email marketing.