Video Creation Tips to Save Your Sanity


If you've been with me for any amount of time, you know that creating videos is on my list of recommend activities as part of your content plan. Either create a video and repurpose into a blog post, or do it in the opposite direction.

If you don’t do video on a regular basis. It’s very easy to overlook some things that in retrospect will seem like common sense to you. These video creation tips will save you some mental anguish and improve the production value of your finished products.

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Video Creation Tip 1: Light an Sound

There are several things I want you to have in mind as you’re cranking out video. First and foremost are light and sound light. For your audience, these are the two most distracting things if you get them wrong.

So make sure that, whatever you’re doing, its well lit.

Next, make sure that you can be heard. If that means, you need to purchase a microphone, then do it. If you're going to be more than a short distance from your camera, then do that.

If you’re going to be right up on your camera or you’re, actually, probably your smartphone there probably isn't a need for it. Whatever the case, make sure you pay attention to your audio.

In addition to making sure that people can hear you, make sure to avoid distracting background noise. You may have some annoying sound in your environment that you have tuned out and that you don’t pay attention to.

You may not hear it but someone watching your video will definitely hear it.

Video Creation Tip 2: Clean Your Lens

Something that’s not intuitive but will definitely be noticed are smudges on your camera lens. Clean your lens before you start filming, especially if you’re using a smartphone.

If you’re using a smartphone chances, are you got a bunch of ear wax all over that lens. Wipe that puppy off and then get to doing what you were about to do. As basic as that sounds, it’s very easy to overlook.

Video Creation Tip 3: Visual Distractions

We've already talked about sound distractions. Now it's time to address visual distractions as well. It’s very important that you pay attention to what's gong on behind you as you're filming.

Your audience is going to look at anything that's visible on their screen, so make sure you control what people are seeing. You can definitely put things back there you want them to see. Just make sure there’s nothing back they shouldn't see. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, type “Zoom fails” into Google and enjoy.

Video Creation Tip 4: Use a Tripod

Do not do the handhold thing. Use a tripod, prop your phone up, do whatever you have to do to keep your phone stable. Hand held video brings us back to that rule of thumb: Don’t do anything that draws attention to the actual video production. Your audience will pay attention to that as opposed to what it is you’re trying to say.

There may be one or two exceptions to that rule. If you happen to be out walking and it works for the video, then go for it. On the other hand, if you’re sitting in your office holding your phone, you’re stepping down the ladder on credibility, just a little bit!

Video Creation Tip 5: Frame your Images Correctly

Use the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is what we a comfortable looking at. Anything else is distracting, which goes back to the main point. Don’t make it so that the production value of your video is distracting to the message that’s in your video okay, so that’s, rule of thirds.

Video Creation Tip 6: Use the Front Facing Camera

It’s, not as powerful as the rear facing camera, however, you can see what’s in the lens. There's nothing worse than spending 30 minutes waxing poetic only to find out that you’ve cut yourself in half because you sat in the wrong spot.

Video Creation Tip 7: Shoot in Landscape Mode.

Most people who don’t do video on a regular basis.
They don’t realize there’s. A difference you don’t have to shoot in landscape mode. You do what you want to do boo. However, if you take a video shot in portrait mode – and you put it on youtube, what you’ll have is two very dark bars to the left and right a lot of times you’ll, see uh, where someone’S got effects to the left and right because they shot in portrait mode and if they meant to do that cool chances.
Are you don’t mean to do that so shoot in landscape mode, just turn the camera sideways.

Video Creation Tip 8: Keep Shooting Through the Mess-ups

You are going to flub a line or two and you’re going to get tongue tied. It happens. Sometimes it’s cool to leave that in there, because it makes you more human. However, if you truly lose your train of thought, just back that thing up and start again. You can cut it out later. The goal is to get your video done and move on to the next step.

Video Creation Tip 9: Watch the Video Before You Publish It Online.

There will always be some sort of production errors you notice unless you actually watch the video. Trust me, I have been there and I'd like to save you some road rash.

If you begin to crank out videos, you will eventually learn bump into these point on your own. Even if you don’t get the cheat sheet, the thing to remember is that production value should not get in the way of the message you’re trying to put out.

Crank out the videos. Get comfortable at it and be prolific. I’ll see you next time.