Adding a Chatbot to Your Website: It’s Time to Get Conversational

The more things change the more they stay the same. If science ever manages to get cryogenics right, you’ll be able to freeze your body today and have them wake you up in 100 years. And when you wake up, there’s at least one thing that will be as true then as it is today […]

5 Ways To Increase Website Conversions

Another Great Article From the Web!One of the most important concepts with online conversion is getting your audience to take the action you want them to take. Usually this is an action that moves them closer to making a purchase or towards improving your position as an authority or expert. Bourne Creative’s , Jennifer Bourn […]

Generating Website Leads with Sales Funnels

So you’ve got a new website. Either you built it yourself or you hired someone to build it for you. Since you’re here on this website, I’ll assume that you’re interested in using it to attract new customers to your business. A good first step in making that happen is to realize that your website […]