Where To Get Images for Your Website Articles and Online Projects

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Video Timeline

00:00 - A question from one of my clients about sourcing images for video.
00:42 - 10,000 royalty free Digital Graphics Bundle bonus in the members area.
01:20 - The right way to search Google for images you can use for your project.
03:20 - Understanding Creative Commons licensing.
04:24 - How to give Creative Commons attribution.
04:55 - Examples of how to give Creative Commons attribution in different types of projects.
05:15 - YouTube Creative Commons licensing
05:32 - How to search for videos on YouTube with Creative Commons licensing.
06:22 - Sources of free images and videos that are royalty free.
06:59 - A tip to protect yourself against possible future copyright claims from royalty free images.
08:17 - Where to go for inexpensive paid images.
09:10 - Restrictions on the usage of paid images.



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